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The shag. The pixie. The “Rachel.” Sure, short, choppy cuts have reigned supreme throughout the years, but now it’s officially time to embrace length again. That’s right, longer locks are back in the spotlight, enticing women everywhere to grow out their strands. The key to helping clients achieve full, voluminous tresses with flair? Long layers! Not only will layers add volume and movement, but they can also help clients retain a longer length. Here, five reasons why you should embrace long layers this season.

Reason #1: Layers work on almost everyone

One look at any red carpet and you’ll notice that nearly every celeb has layers in her hair, regardless of hair type or texture. Those with fine hair should stick to only a few layers, ideally along the hairline, to prevent the hair from looking stringy or flat. Those with thicker strands can sport more layers as they will make hair more manageable.

Reason #2: Long layers eliminate excess weight

Creating longer layers takes off extra “bulk” that may be weighing the hair down. Clients complaining of dull, lifeless or flat locks may benefit from a layered haircut, especially if their hair is on the thicker side. The best part? Adding longer layers allows you to enhance your cut without sacrificing length—a major win for clients eager to grow out their locks.

Reason #3: Layers make blending a breeze

The difference between a blunt, awkward haircut and a modern, on-trend style? Layers! Adding even just a few layers around the face or back of the head can add instantly “save” a bad haircut.

Reason #4: Layers also help hair hold a style

Are your clients often complaining that their hair can never hold a curl or that their style is constantly falling flat? Long layers are the key! Not only will layers give curls more bounce, body and movement, they also make hair easier to style since most of the excess weight has been removed.

Reason #5: Layers can also accentuate your color

Longer layers and balayage or highlights often go hand in hand. Pairing the two together adds depth and dimension to strands. What's more, layers put your artistry at the forefront, allowing the subtle hints of color to stand out without looking overly choppy.

Pro Tips:

With a whirlwind of layered styles on your spring and summer forecast, it’s time to perfect your cutting skills. Here, five tips for achieving the perfect layering technique.

  1. When cutting layers, always pull the section forward to ensure that the hair is shorter in the front and longer in the back.
  2. Avoid layering the ends of the hair. Doing so can cause the hair to look thin and stringy.
  3. A round layering technique can remove excess bulk while creating the illusion of longer length.
  4. Combine your layering techniques to add movement and body.
  5. Avoid cutting hair in too large of sections—doing so will result in varying elevations and inconsistencies in the weight of the hair.

Product Picks:

Our go-to product for styling long layers? Texturizers! They add a weightless body and the ability to retain movement and flexibility.



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