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You might be bored with your go-to style or are looking for fresh styling inspiration to create a new look. Whether starting from scratch or refreshing your second-day style, we’ve got a few must-have styling tips to finish your hairstyle with flair.

The top finishing tips

Smooth and straight


Looking for a style that will complement your color? Creating a smooth, silky, straight style is one of the best ways to highlight global hair color finishes. The key is building in moisturizing products before you style and then finishing with high-sheen stylers to enhance the look.



Ethereal curls


Soft and separated, ethereal curls can easily be created on fine or thin hair types to enhance volume and show off your hair color. Perfect for various hair cuts in all lengths, the look is achieved by first blow drying the hair, then curling it with a hot iron, and then finishing with a texturizing spray and using your fingers to separate the texture you’ve created.

  • To get the look, prep hair with Style Root Volumizer at the new growth and layer with Style Blowout Gelee throughout.
  • Then blow dry hair smooth, focusing on building volume into the roots.
  • Section the hair using a bricklayer pattern and wrap hair around a medium sized curling iron in alternating directions. Always curl the face-framing sections away from the face.
  • Once hair is cool, sprinkle Style Precision Powder at the root to add volume and spray Style Dry Shampoo throughout the ends to create an airy finish.
  • Then use your fingers to pull each curl apart for the ethereal finish.



Extend your style

Sometimes finishing your style means finding ways to build upon it each day to prolong your look. Not only does this save time, but it also can cut down on heat damage that can cause excess breakage or color to fade prematurely.

Giving us the ultimate hair inspiration, Keune North America Brand Ambassador and Educator Jessica Bartolucci shares her top tips!