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Let’s be real: It’s extremely tempting to run to the drugstore, grab a fun shade of box dye and try your hand at coloring your own locks. Please heed our advice— don’t do it! You’ve made it this far in quarantine—why put your locks at risk for major damage and unsightly results just because you couldn’t wait a few more weeks? Trust us, your patience will pay off! In the meantime, check out the hottest trends to try as soon as you can get back into the salon


Trend: #1: 50 Shades of Pink 


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Pink hair is back, ladies, and we are 100-percent here for it! Bubblegum-inspired locks have popped up on all our fave celebs lately, including Dua Lipa, Julianne Hough and Sarah Hyland. The best part? There’s a shade for everyone, whether you want something flirty and understated, like a pink ombre a la Hough, or a bolder look like Lipa’s highlighter pink strands. 


Trend #2: ‘90s Highlights


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With everything going on in the world, people are feeling nostalgic and it’s starting to show. Case in point: Jennifer Lopez’s chunky highlights. Featuring to-die-for money pieces, the brown-meets-blonde dye job screams late ‘90s/early ‘00s and will likely be hot style in the months ahead.


Trend #3: Blonde Ambition 


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Leave it to Kim Kardashian West to find a way to stir up controversy during a stay-at-home order. Mrs. West enlisted A-list stylist Chris Appleton to transform her signature ebony hue into a gorgeous light blonde shade with shadow roots. Fair warning: Even though the darker roots help make this look more quarantine-friendly, do not attempt to bleach your strands at home! 


Trend #4: Blue Hues


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Hilary Duff essentially broke the internet when she debuted bright turquoise strands. After all, Duff’s golden blonde locks have become her signature look—when she debuted the bold blue shade, we all were shook! Though there are temporary formulas out there, it’s best to leave the intense coloring to the professionals—not only will a pro help you achieve the right depth, he or she can also give you pointers on how to help you prolong you color as long as possible. 


Trend #5: Return to Your Roots


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If quarantine has given us anything, it’s officially validated grown-out roots as a must-try color trend for summer. Blame it on the lockdown, but our inner lazy girl is tempting us to enjoy the low maintenance lifestyle at least for a little while longer—and now we officially have the right to do so with “lived-in” roots. Hair not growing out as fast as you’d like? Tell your colorist to paint a “deliberate root” or a “color contrast” to heighten the drama—and allow you to go longer in between appointments.