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Who remembers the iconic early ’00s jam “Lip Gloss” by Lil Mama? Well, it turns out, gloss isn’t just “poppin” on lips—gloss makes everything better, from your hair to your nails to your skin.  Read on to find out why you should be #glossing your beauty routine all season long.

For Your Hair:


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Craving gorgeous, “hair commercial-worthy” shine? It’s time to take a breather from your drugstore shine sprays and dry oil mists and bring in one of the big guns: A glossing treatment. Whether you’re a long-time color devotee or are just searching for ways to add luster to your locks, a glossing treatment is definitely the way to go. Available in both clear and tinted formulas a hair gloss restores shine, boosts your color and leaves hair smoother and more manageable.The best part? It’s damage free, which means that you can get a glossing treatment every 6-8 weeks without worrying about your locks.


For Nails:


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Full transparency has been a major trend this year, from boots to heels to bags. But, perhaps the best rendition of the see-through trend may be “glass nails.” Nail artists around the globe are allowing the nail itself (or a clear tip for that matter) do all of the talking, as most designs feature minimal or subtle nail art. But a standard nail tip on its own isn’t very interesting to look at. A plump, glossy nail with a mirror-like shine, on the other hand, will definitely catch the eye. The key to the look? A plumping, high-gloss top coat, ideally gel polish or “gel-like.” For best results, apply the top coat in a thin, even layer and don’t forget to cap the free edge to achieve the lustrous sheer style.

Try: Seche Vive Gel Effect Top Coat


OPI Plumping Volumizing Top Coat


For Your Skin:

Korean-inspired beauty trends are huge at the moment, with the “glass skin” craze leading the pack. The key to the fresh and glowing look? An illuminating primer. Much like a top coat adds shine to any color, a primer infused with tiny pearlescent pigments can instantly revive dry, tight or irritated skin. To achieve that luminous, “no-makeup” makeup look, apply a dime-size amount of illuminating primer after you’ve applied your moisturizer.  Apply your makeup, then finish off the look with a dewy setting spray.

Try: NYX Born To Glow!


Laura Geller Tinted Under Makeup Primer in Champagne


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