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Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the industry for a while, as stylists we always strive for perfection and growth. Even those who are GREAT know that there is ALWAYS room for improvement.  And, improvement is usually paved with EDUCATION!  Paid, free, live, digital, word of mouth – it all counts!  Jesse Linares, Sam Villa ArTeam, shares 5 proven tips for becoming a great hairdresser. Learn how to continue to develop your skillset behind the chair.

1. Be Prepared for Work

A stylist’s day is very hectic…managing schedules and expectations of multiple clients, calculating measurements of hair chemicals, designing haircuts, grabbing coffee for clients, returning phone calls, the list goes on. Showing up early to organize the day in advance sets up a more relaxed workday and creates increased productivity. 

2. Education

With online global access, inspiration can literally come from anywhere. Stylists must be versed in the latest trends, techniques and images their clients are exposed to. It is important to be open to new ideas and practice new techniques regularly, balancing online education with regular hands-on education to gain the confidence and skills needed to meet (and even exceed) client expectations. Social media is another great source to learn new ideas and the latest trends from influencers and educators.

3. Customer Service

Demonstrate flexibility and excellent customer service by managing the needs and expectations of clients as much as possible by being accessible via social media, handling issues/complaints personally and returning messages promptly. Consumers demand a higher level of customer service today and usually respond more favorably when communicating directly with their stylist.  It increases their trust level and opens new doors to expanded services, referrals and retail.

4. Avoid the Break Room

A salon break room is a place to take a short break. Spending prolonged periods of time hidden away is a waste of time and can usually lead to undue commotion. Instead, practice techniques on a mannequin, coordinate the salon schedule, educate clients about retail or promote new add-on services. Do something productive to be a great hairdresser, like shadowing a busy stylist to learn new techniques and trends, or simply spend more time with your client.

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