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Blow Dryers have a pretty amazing transformative power. With the right technique, they can give volume to flat fine hair or take a frizzy mane into sleek straight locks. The perfect Blowout is one of the most sought after looks, and there’s nothing like the boost of confidence that comes with a really “wow” style that’s a bit different from your everyday.

The secret to a successful blow-dry lies with two factors. First, the products you use. The type of products you use has a HUGE influence on how your hair will look. It sounds like common sense, but you need to use products that support your desired look. If you’re looking to build volume, reach for your Root Lift Spray and Volumizing Foam. A handy trick for volume is to bend down, flipping your hair over face and blow-dry forward. When you flip your hair back you’ll get a nice root lift for a sense of added volume. If you have thicker hair, a Smoothing Lotion will be your best friend. A great way to make a blowout last longer while giving texture to skinny locks is to add a little Dry Shampoo or Volumizing Powder as a finishing product.

Hair by Anna Clark


The second key to a great blowout is your tools. You’re going to want to use a round brush (a blend of boar hair and synthetic bristles tends to be best). Like with your products, the size of the brush will depend on your hair type. A big brush is great for hair that is not resistant to being blown out and will easily give you great volume. On the other hand, if you have thick curls, a big brush is not going to get you close enough to the root, leaving the hair closest to your head with waves - not exactly in line with the rest of your blow out. You’ll want to reach for a small round brush to help you grab those resistant tough pieces around the hair line, keep your blown out style consistent throughout your head.

Hair by Cameron LeSiege


The most important thing to keep in mind when blow-drying is the heat. Make sure you always use a Thermal Protectant product to help protect your hair from heat damage. While you may have seen your stylist put the dryer right up against the brush, it’s best to leave that move to the professionals, as it’s very easy to burn your hair this way. If you like to use an iron after you’re done blow-drying for some added curls, you can always use rollers instead to give your hair a break from the added heat. Just let the hair cool ALL THE WAY in the rollers before removing them and you’ll have perfect curls without using extra heat. For some extra shine, you can run some oil or serum through your hair. Then, you’re ready to hit the runway!