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They say that a woman should never settle, but how can you tell someone whose been routinely tending to your locks the words that no one wants to hear: It’s not me, it’s you? Unfortunately, “dumping” your stylist is sometimes a part of life, whether it's due to communication issues or simply because you want to see what magic another pair of hands can work on their locks. Regardless of your reasoning, breaking up with your stylist isn't easy, but leaving the salon with sub-par strands just isn’t worth it. Check out the top dos and don’ts for ending your “hair-lationship” on a good note. 

DO figure out your exit strategy first

Before bidding farewell to your stylist, determine who you’re going to trust with your strands next. If you’ve been wanting to see another stylist in the same salon, you’re going to have to get creative to avoid awkward run-ins in the future. One option? Book your first appointment with your new stylist on a day you know that your old stylist isn’t available. That way, in case your old stylist asks where you’ve been, you can say that you haven’t been able to come in on a day she’s working. 

DON’T ghost, stash, breadcrumb, or paperclip...

Just like dating, it's better not to live in a grey area. If you've been a loyal client, chances are, your old stylist has your contact info and may reach out from time to time. If she sends a text message or email asking where you’ve been, give her an answer. Fair warning: Nobody likes hearing, “I’ve found someone else.” Instead, say something along the lines of, “I’ve found a salon closer to work,” “I’m on a budget and had to go to someone less expensive,” or “I scored an amazing deal on Groupon.” Honestly, the actual excuse doesn’t matter unless you see your stylist outside of the salon regularly—at that point, honesty may be the best policy. 

DO remember what you learned from your old stylist

Did your old stylist use a special blow-drying technique that you loved? Or, did she apply a product that you hated? Recall both the good and the bad parts about your relationship before moving onto a new one. Remember, you can learn something from every experience! 

DON’T gossip about your old stylist to anyone

The hair industry is extremely small-- the last thing you want to do is create unnecessary drama, so Stop Talking $hit. If your new stylist asks you why you left your old one, don’t divulge all of the dirty details. Instead say something vague such as, “I wanted to try something new.” Even if your old stylist is at another salon, there's a chance that your new stylist and your old stylist could meet in the future. Play it safe and abide by the golden rule: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. 

DO remember that you’re in charge of your look

Whether it is during the consultation or at the end of the appointment, building a relationship with your beauty pro is wonderful, but it’s easy to forget that you’re the one ultimately paying for a service. If you're unhappy with anything at the end of the day, it's up to you to do something about it. Don’t feel guilty about wanting to scout out someone new—you may find an amazing stylist who can give you the hair of your dreams!