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While some stylists may specialize in styling or color, learning how to efficiently cut and shape short hair is a key skill that any stylist should add to their book, especially with androgyny being so in fashion. “Being proficient in short haircutting is really important if you want to build a wide variety of clients.  And, knowing different techniques that create unique textures in short hair is extremely helpful,” says Andrew Carruthers, Education Director for Sam Villa.  Read on and follow the video below to learn a few key techniques to creating texture in short hair with a razor.

“If you want visual texture, you have to get more aggressive.  So, don’t just disrupt the ends, take the razor closer to the scalp to texturize more of each hair strand,” advises Carruthers who suggests the following tips:

  • When creating texture, that little bit of roughness created by using a razor on dry hair is beneficial.
  • Comb hair out of the way of so the razor can get very close to the scalp in the section that is being cut.
  • Use a texturizing blade like the Sam Villa Signature Series Razor Texture 6-Gap Blade designed with cups that hold hair out of the way and exposed blade that cuts to create deeper peaks and valleys in the hair for more visual interest.
  • If working with a straight razor, comb hair out of the way and use just the tip of the blade to cut hair.  Start close to the scalp and then drag razor through to the ends in small sections to mimic the action of a texturizing blade.

“It’s fun to try different tools, it keeps us interested and challenged, and it really wakes up your clientele when they see you doing something different,” adds Carruthers.

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