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Just like blow drying and curling your hair, there is a right and wrong way to diffuse your hair. And while you might be able to get a beautiful hairstyle, with a few expert tips (and the right tools) you can ensure a flawless style every time you choose to diffuse dry your hair. There are a few important reasons why you might choose to diffuse your hair. “Diffusing is the best way to dry naturally textured hair to enhance the curl and wave.  It’s faster than air drying, reduces frizz and adds volume.” explains Teresa Romero, Creative Director for Sam Villa. "The key is to apply styling products to very wet hair and diffuse on high heat,” she adds. In addition to prepping the hair, the blow dryer and diffuser attachment can make all the difference, which is why Romero always trusts the Sam Villa Professional Light Ionic Blow Dryer.

How To Create Diffused Waves with a Diffuser



Divide very wet hair into 6 sections and secure with clips.  Apply styling products to each section and distribute with a 9 row brush for even coverage.  If hair starts to dry, use a continuous mist bottle to rewet it – the Sam Villa® Mini Continuous Mist Spray Bottle is convenient and adorable.




Blow dry each section on high heat with a diffuser until dry. The Sam Villa Professional Light Ionic Blow Dryer has a diffuser attachment and the added benefit of ion generation for mega shine, it weighs less than a pound, has intense power for faster drying and comes in 5 colors (black, rose gold, midnight blue, sea smoke and ruby red).



Cradle waves at the ends and push towards the head, hold for 3-5 seconds and release.  Let hair cool to lock in the defined curl pattern.  Add additional volume by shaking head back and forth and scrunching ends with hands.


Common Questions About Diffusers


  • What kind of hair texture can be diffused? All hair textures but it’s especially beneficial for wavy, curly and coily textures because it helps dry hair faster, reduces frizz and defines curl patterns.
  • What products are good for defining curls before diffusing? Mizani 25 Miracle Milk or Cream (depending on texture type); Oribe Curl Gloss and Hydration and Kérastase Curl Manifesto Gelee Curl Contour Hair Serum.  And if not washing hair for a while, Redken Refreshing Curl Mist is great for refreshing even 7th day curls.
  • What is the best brush/comb to use? It’s ok to use a wide toothed comb or brush with bristles that do not create a lot of tension (set far apart like 9 row brush or paddle brush) to detangle and distribute product, but hair should not be brushed/combed or even touched once the diffusing starts, it contributes to frizz.

Top Products for Diffusing Hair:

Mizani 25 Miracle Milk or Leave-In Cream



Oribe Curl Gloss Hydration & Hold


Kérastase Curl Manifesto Gelee Curl Contour Hair Serum


Redken Refreshing Curl Mist


Credits: Hair/The Sam Villa Team; Photographer/Todd White; Makeup/Bella Polk; Model/Ashley Aleshire.