C5bf5698ef266c1939ba growing out your hair

Is there anything more liberating than getting a brand-new cut? The crisp lines, the way it feels the first time you shampoo your new length, and all the new styles you’ll be able to create come to mind when thinking about it. However, once the initial WOW factor from your decision has faded, you may feel like you want your length back. Since extensions are out of the question and you have no idea how to go about growing your style out, you’ll need to enlist the help of a professional.

We spoke with Daniel Roldan,Global Artistic Director for Matrix, and mastermind behind Daniel Roldan Hair Styling Co., for a few quick tips and tricks to help you grow out your short chop with ease.

Contrary to popular belief, you will still want to trim your hair as it grows out. Daniel says the trick to this is to “grow hair from the top down (the section from the parietal bone and up).  This way you are still able to groom the hair as you are in the process of growing it out.” Regular trims also keep your ends clean, which means less breakage. To soften the lines of the cut and help it grow out with a smoother effect, use Daniel Roldan Texturizing Scissors on the ends of the hair. “This will soften the line and give longevity between haircuts,” says Roldan.

When it comes to styling your hair as it grows out, this is where you can have a bit of fun. Don’t just throw hair under a hat or back in a headband. Being creative with your hairstyles will also help you enjoy the process. “Products play a key role as the hair beings to grow. When the hair is short, clients tend to cocktail products and when the hair gets longer, they begin to layer,” Roldan notices.

As a stylist, you will also play the role of coach. “Help your client set realistic goals. By sticking to a plan they should reach their goal in no time,” Roldan adds. With every new haircut comes a new adventure and sometimes half of the fun is getting there. Enjoy your hair as it grows out, you might just like one of the in-between lengths better!

For more cutting and finishing techniques, be sure to stalk Daniel Roldan on Bangstyle and check out his amazing tools available in the store!