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The Stitch is an innovative tool to help you create exciting, intricate looks using anything from leather pieces, to ribbon or simply be weaving hair. Check out our Step-by-Step guide.

Step 1:

Start by prepping the hair with StyleLink Volume Builder Mouse on dry hair. Use a Denman “nine-row” brush to give direction and lift at the base to creating volume.

Step 2:

Subsection a profile (Mohawk) on top and secure. Begin braiding the top braid (corn roll) using StyleLink Over Achiever follow the curvatures of the head. Repeat on braids 2 and 3.

*Do not braid the (corn rolls) braids to tight, not allowing the Stitch to slide thru.

Step 3:

Use Stitch by Daniel Roldan to create the pattern. Start by going underneath the braid with the Needle threw the second braid. Thread the Black leather string threw the eye-loop and pull threw. Continue from top to bottom and Bottom to top, repeat until section is complete. Now with the Red leather string, stitch from the front hairline to the nape. One over the black leather and one under, continue the pattern until section complete.

*Create a Basket weave pattern inside the braids.

Step 4:

On the top subsection (mohawk) maximize the volume by taking ¼ inch slice subsection and crimp every other at the base 2-3 inch. Brush into place and spray Stylelink Style Fixer to finish the look.