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Having curly hair can sometimes feel like a gift and a curse—on the plus side, you have gorgeous natural texture that most women would kill for, yet you often find yourself struggling to maintain bounce, restore shine and prevent frizz. News flash: Your curls aren’t the problem! You just haven’t mastered the art of styling your beautiful locks. Ahead, our top tips for keeping your curls in check. 

Tip #1: Get your hydration on 

Let’s face it: Beautiful curls start in the shower. If you’re looking to enhance your natural texture, you must use products that moisturize your strands from root to tip. Opt for a cleansing conditioner instead of a traditional shampoo, which will strip the natural oils from your scalp. Next, apply a nourishing deep conditioner and allow it to sit on your strands for at least 5-10 minutes, then rinse your hair with cool water to prevent frizz. 

Tip #2: Detangle in the shower 

Stash a wide-tooth comb in the shower and use it while the conditioner is still in the hair. The conditioner provides your hair with the most slip, allowing you to effortlessly break up any tangles without pulling or tugging. 

Tip #3: Leave-in treatments are key

Not applying a leave-in conditioner every time you wash? That may be the reason behind your frizz! “Leave-in treatments will help reduce the volume of curly hair, while refining the shape of the curl,” explains Redken Global Artistic Ambassador Sam Villa. Apply a nourishing leave-in treatment before applying the rest of your styling products to get the most benefits out of the formula. 

Tip #4: Always diffuse on low speed, high heat

If you have natural texture, chances are, you’re familiar with a diffuser. And rightly so—when used properly, a diffuser can enhance your curl and provide tons of body and bounce in a matter of minutes. When using a diffuser attachment, avoid putting the blow-dryer on high heat or high speed. Too much heat will damage the curl, while a high speed will cause frizz. 

Tip #5: Add a twist

Want to elevate your natural curl pattern? Villa advises changing your diffusing technique. Rather than “plopping” your hair into the diffuser while it’s attached to the blowdryer, grab a section of hair and drop it inside the diffuser without the blowdryer hooked up, then gently spin the diffuser to help the hair intertwine between the “fingers” on the diffuser. “Doing this technique will encourage more movement,” stresses Villa. Blow-dry the hair, allowing each section to cool as you dry the rest of the head, then gently separate the curls. The result? Bouncy curls with body, movement and definition. 


To hear Sam talk more about these tips, tune into this video!


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