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Finding the right fringe can feel like jumping back into the dating pool after being in a long-term relationship: Sure, there are tons of options out there, but only a select few will actually work for you. And, as tempting as it may be to follow the lead of favorite celeb or influencer after their fringe debut on Instagram, not all bangs are created equal. Keep reading to uncover which one of the season’s most bangin’ styles is a perfect match for you.


Curtain Fringe


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Spotted both on social media and the runways, curtain fringe appears to be every low-maintenance girl’s dream: The longer length means longer stretches in between trims and the parted finish seems less intimidating than a set of perfectly coiffed bangs. But is the look really as effortless as it seems? Not exactly! While you may be able to go longer in between salon visits, there is some styling involved. If you have wavy or curly strands, you’ll need to blow dry bangs smooth using a round brush or paddle brush before creating your part. Also, a dime-size amount of styling cream or gel and hairspray are key to keeping that part in place. Otherwise, your fringe may fall in your face throughout the day. If you’re eager to head straight to curtain fringe, rather than try out shorter bangs first, explain that to your stylist so she or he doesn’t cut the hair too short.




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Likely the most common style you think of when someone mentions bangs, straight fringe looks equal parts modern, effortless and chic. And, contrary to popular belief, the style works on a variety of hair textures—all it takes is a decent amount of thickness (superfine hair may be too wispy for straight bangs) and commitment to daily styling. To maintain that straight across finish, you’ll want to use a blow-dryer with the nozzle attachment pointed downward and a small round brush, then dry the hair from side to side to minimize cowlicks and help the hair lay flat. If desired, slightly curl the ends around the brush, then go over the hair with small flat iron.




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Want a softer, more forgiving style? Feathered bangs may be your jam! Unlike blunt, straight bangs, feathered fringe softens your face and jawline and works on medium, long and even shorter locks. When requesting the style at the salon, make sure your stylist cuts the hair vertically, rather than horizontally, to avoid creating a blunt or boxy look. Also, determine how you want your fringe to fall (off to the side, down the center, etc.) to ensure the best results. In terms of styling, enlist the help of a trusty round brush and a strong hairspray to achieve that signature “feathery” finish.




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The early ‘00s trend has officially made its return to the runways and the red carpet with a modern, more wearable spin. Unlike the flat-ironed finish that complemented tresses back in the day, today’s side bangs have more bounce and casual, effortless flair. Rather than harshly define a style, side bangs soften any cut and add dimension. Styling-wise we recommend putting down the flat iron and instead blow-drying bangs using a round brush, then gently tossing them to the opposite side that you want them to lay while they cool. When you’re ready to head out, simply toss them back into place for all-day volume.


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