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Blow-drying your hair is hard; we’ll be the first to admit. Sometimes stylists struggle behind the chair as well, but with a little bit of practice and trying out different techniques and tools you can get a perfectly polished style in no time!

If you’re struggling to get the blowout results you’re looking for, chances are you’re not using the right brush! Different factors from size to material or even the angle your tool can make all the difference. This is part of the bigger picture that small details can make a huge impact on the outcome of your style. To start, the biggest deciding factors toggle between boar bristle and a thermal styling brush. Thermal styling brushes are great when you’re in a hurry, have thin strands or want extra volume, but boar bristles create longer-lasting results, especially for thicker textures – creating more shine and a smoother finish.



Small – A small brush is great for control and key to taming baby hairs around a face. They can also be utilized to create a defined curl within your style.

Medium – A medium round brush is the standard brush that’s great for almost any hair length. It is an easy way to control curl or add a wave while smoothing each section.

Large – Large brushes are great for creating straight styles with a slight bend.

When using a round brush, work in sections that are a similar size to the width of your brush. This allows for ultimate control and avoiding tangles!


Paddle brushes are great for prep work. They help dry hair quickly while effectively stretching out the curl pattern. They can be utilized to create a smooth roughdry to begin to prep for curls and waves.


Small-toothed: Combs can actually be used to blow dry hair as well. Sometimes stylists like to use them to get the ultimate amount of precise control around the hairline. If you have pesky baby hairs or a defined part, this is a perfect choice!

Wide-toothed: Keep a wide-toothed comb on hand in the bathroom or in your beach bag. Whether in the shower or post-bath, they are key to comb through conditioner or get rid of tangles post-swim! A wide-toothed comb is also a great way to tousle texture after curling to create the ultimate wavy beachy look!


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