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Hair, skincare, makeup and nails — when it comes to trends, we’re on the hunt for the best low-maintenance options that deliver maximum impact—case in point: Lipgloss Nails.

Taking inspiration from the likes of glazed donut and French donut nails, this new version is even easier to recreate either in the salon or at home. While we love the look created with gels and a high gloss topcoat, you can also use nail varnish to get a similar feel.

What are lipgloss nails?

Lipgloss nails are high shine with a finished look that’s similar to a pouty lip. The look uses your natural nail bed or a slight tint of pink to create a plush finish. From sheer nudes to ballet pink — choose a shade that complements your skin tone and the vibe you’re after.

How are they different from glazed donut nails?

The big difference between lipgloss nails and glazed donut nails is the base and the top coat. Glazed donut nails use opaque nude, cream, or pink, while lipgloss nails use your natural nail bed. When it comes to the top coat, glazed donut nails typically use a sheen or shimmer to create the glaze, while lipgloss nails favor a clear or slightly tinted top coat. The overall appearance is slightly less flashy but just as juicy.

How to get the lipgloss look:

  1. Start by prepping your nails with a proper manicure. Trim, buff, push, file, and moisturize.
  2. Once your nail shape is set, apply a sheer base coat to create a balanced canvas. We love the classic pink tones, but nude or cream can also be used.
  3. Then, after building your base, utilize a top coat with a high-shine finish. You can opt for a slight sparkle or sheen to it, but we love a traditional clear or slightly pink finish.

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