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Everyday routines have greatly changed in the past few years with individuals choosing to prioritize their time. Instead of spending countless hours in the morning (or evening) getting ready, they’re looking for better options. Enter: low-maintenance hairstyles. This doesn’t mean styles are less polished or people care less about their appearance, they are simply opting for a shift in style that mimics a look that embraces their natural beauty. Read on to learn about the trends and the steps you can take to recreate the trend. 

Tip #1: Prioritize the health of your hair

Similar to the way individuals are investing more time in skincare versus makeup, men and women are looking after the health of their hair to make a positive impact on their overall hairstyle. Not only does this improve the look and feel of your hair, but it can also cut down on the time spent getting ready in the morning. Things like applying an overnight hair mask 1-2 times a week, reducing heat styling, and getting regular trims can make a big difference and don’t take a great deal of time! 

Tip #2: Change your color habits

If there’s one thing we learned the past year, it’s that there are new and improved ways to cover grays or embrace the natural occurrence instead. If you consistently dye your hair every few weeks, start chatting with your stylist about alternate methods of coloring — glosses and demi-permanent shades instead. By using a less harsh formula, your hair isn’t as prone to damage. Additionally, if traditional highlights have always been your go-to, think about swapping them for a balayage or lived-in style instead. This allows you to extend the time between appointments, further cutting down on damage. 

Tip #3: Skip a wash

If you’re still washing your hair every day or every other day, you are probably overdoing it. Wash days should be determined by your hair type, texture, and lifestyle. Even if you work out every day, using shampoo can be extremely drying — consider a cleansing conditioner instead. Not only does this improve the health of your hair, but it also allows you to save water and time! Instead, invest in a solid dry shampoo, like Redken Deep Clean Dry Shampoo to nix dirt, debris, and oil and wake up to easily refreshed strands instead.

Tip #4: Utilize multi-purpose products

Although product cocktails and layering may be necessary for some hair types or styles, finding products that have multiple uses can help cut down on time spent prepping. By finding products that work as leave-ins + stylers or heat protectants you’ll deal with less hassle in the morning and also cut down on product buildup. A few fan-favorites are KEVIN.MURPHY STAYING.ALIVE, which is great for air-drying and blow-drying or HEATED.DEFENSE, an ideal leave-in for heat protection.