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If there's one thing we've learned over the past few seasons of trendy cuts, it's that layers are back and in full effect. New renditions of "The Rachel" and modern takes of the shag (hello wolf cut) have grown in popularity and don't show any signs of slowing down. As we roll into the summer 2023 season, the butterfly cut — continues to be the hottest hair trend around town. 

What Is The Butterfly Cut Trend?

The butterfly cut is the latest layered haircut trend ideal for mid to long hair lengths. With a length indicative of mermaid hair, the hair is then cut into layers to add movement to the crown area with face-framing pieces similar to a butterfly's wings. 

The look utilizes a fringe shape indicative of a grown-out curtain bang — or a length between chin bangs and Bardot bangs


Can I Pull Off The Look?

The butterfly cut can be created on various lengths and hair types. For those who favor low-maintenance upkeep, consider keeping layers on the longer side. The shape can be ideal for anyone looking to add volume without losing length. Additionally, if you want shorter pieces to play with this cut allows you to style the face frame while keeping the length. 

How To Style The Butterfly Cut

With a mix of layer lengths, you’ll want to capitalize on creating volume and movement around the face. Start by applying a volumizing mousse at the root and blow dry, or use a texturizer (like sea salt spray) through the mid-lengths and ends and allow to air dry. To finish, apply dry shampoo to add lift or a texturizing spray to ensure the finished look feels wispy and fluttery like a butterfly. 

Products To Get The Look:

Mousse: INSIGHT Professional STYLING Volumizing Shaping Ecomousse

Texturizing Spray: Nick Stenson Texture Finishing Spray

Dry Shampoo: Nick Stenson Dry Shampoo