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Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Although he imparted this wisdom on us years ago, sometimes we still find ourselves in a style rut because we don’t change up our routine and try something different. There’s no harm in wearing the same style year after year or changing your look as often as the weather, but throughout these transformations there are certain habits we should address to ensure our hair doesn’t fall lackluster.

Shampoo Twice

As you begin to put more effort into your styling game, you’ve probably noticed that you’re putting a great deal more products in your hair. Therefore, washing just once might not get it all out. It has become best practice to shampoo twice, especially if you use product regularly, to rid your hair of buildup and set the stage for your new ‘do. If you don't have time for a second shampoo, switch your regular formula out for American Crew Power Cleanser Style Remover whenever an excess of products are involved. 

Condition The Ends

Shampooing without conditioning is like washing your face without applying lotion after. (If this is something you do, you might want to think twice about continuing this bad habit). After cleansing hair of buildup and oil, you’ll want to nourish it with a conditioning agent to control frizz, enhance natural texture and keep ends hydrated. We recommend stashing American Crew Daily Conditioner in your shower for a daily dose of moisture!

Ask For Texture

Every haircut should have a little texture, especially with haircut trends as they currently are. Asking your stylist to add a bit of texture through cutting techniques will ensure your hair styles easier and grows out better.

Groom Your Eyebrows

You will be surprised at how many men forget this simple grooming staple and how much of a difference it makes in your overall appearance. The eyebrows can really make or break your look and keeping them neatly trimmed (and not overly arched) can open up your face and accentuate your style from head to toe.

Get Your Beard Professionally Shaped

While taking care of your beard on the daily is totally acceptable, you’ll want to get your beard professionally shaped every once in a while, especially before a special event. A barber is able to see your face and beard shape from all angles and can effectively trim based on hair direction and texture. For more beard tips, check out How To Grow Out Your Beard Gracefully

As always speak with your stylist or barber – they know your hair the best. For more helpful styling tips, tricks and inspiration be sure to stalk American Crew on Bangstyle and check out their latest techniques on Instagram @AmericanCrew.