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Contrary to popular (er… most men’s) belief, growing a beard does not mean abandoning your blade and seeing what unfolds. Behind some of the best beards in the socialsphere lie hours of grooming, precise sculpting, and skin care. While we round the corner on the new season to come, we thought we’d give you a few tips of advice from one beard lover to another.

Watching out for bacteria and beard rash during summer can be a real thing and while we’ve already discussed How Your Beard Can Affect Your Skin , sometimes you need to know how the weather will affect your skin as well. As we embark on this transitional season and ready ourselves (and our wardrobes) for Fall and Winter, remembering what is going on under that beard blanket is just as important.

The number one issue that usually arises in Winter for males and females alike is dry skin! With heaters blasting indoors and wind whipping your face outside skin can become chapped and irritated. So why not prep your beard before we get into those colder months?

Caring for your beard is also caring for your skin and with Reuzel’s Beard Foam and Beard Balm, you can leave your worries behind. In order to make sure your skin is receiving adequate moisture, first you need to make sure your skin and beard are squeaky clean, Beard Foam is not only a beard deodorizer, it’s a leave-in beard conditioner as well – that’s a win-win in our books! Simply apply to a towel-dried beard and comb through with a wide-toothed comb. Then, follow with Beard Balm to condition, lock in moisture and create a healthy gloss and hold.  This two-fold technique is a quick and easy way to ensure better beards for Fall!

beard-care-guide beard-care-guide

Starting a new beard care routine this season should be invigorating, just like all of our picks from Reuzel! Looking for something specific to switch up your style? Check out all the goodies Reuzel has to pick from in the Bangstyle store!