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Despite your girlfriend’s pleading, you decided to go all mountain man on her. Breaking up with the razor blade and opting for a beard comb in one fell swoop (at least for now). Growing your beard out for the first time does present its challenges. We bet you’ve never considered shampooing your face before, uh yeah…add that one to your list. Beard hair can be a virtual trap for food, bacteria, and other unmentionables so it’s critical to keep that facial blanket clean.

While you may have been more concerned about the sparsity of your beard, you might have forgotten about what’s going on with your neck? To shave or not to shave? Where do you draw the line on the shaving ban? Technically, the rule of thumb is: the line should be an inch and a half above the Adam’s apple. However, while all men are created equally they are not necessarily shaped equally. Based on your face shape, haircut and overall style you may want the beard line to fall below your chin line to keep your cool new facial accessory more uber sexy and slightly dangerous and less throwback and creeper.

Based on how long you’ve had your beard sweater (#sweaterweather), you might be facing a new itching twitch. Be sure to choose a scrub that is hydrating and definitely add a beard oil to your arsenal. Your beard hair and underlying skin can easily dry out, causing itching and flaking (no thanks!). Make sure your skin is getting the nutrients it needs while you take the elongated sabbatical from shaving.

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Shaping your beard as it grows is also an important step on the path to beard-ome. It can quickly go from hillbilly-chic to wooly mammoth in a snap. Sometimes enrolling the help of a professional is needed! A quick trip to the barber will give it a great shape without taking out the length or volume. Talk to your professional about what shape is right for your facial structure.

Whether you are a goatee guy, more of a muttonchops or a royal beard man, grow until your heart’s content. (Or until your girlfriend makes you get her a puppy – yes that actually happened to this couple.) Just be sure to adhere to these few simple rules to take care of your new stud accessory!

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