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With a new decade a mere few weeks away, everyone is eager to begin a new chapter and implement some positive changes, especially the beauty industry. Long gone are the days when haircare was considered stagnant, uniform or a stressor to the environment. In 2020, brands and stylists alike are dedicated to breathing fresh life into the industry, concocting an array of trends and movements that embrace everyone’s unique beauty and protect our planet along the way. Check out a few major trends and movements guaranteed to make waves in 2020. 

Sustainability is the New Black

In recent years, the beauty industry has started to find innovative ways to continue to produce top-tier products while simultaneously cutting down on plastic waste. In 2020, however, many brands are putting their sustainability efforts in overdrive through the development of environmentally-friendly packaging, “green” initiatives and more. L’Oreal is one of the manufacturers leading the pack, a goal that’s been in motion for years. In fact, on October 22, 2016, the brand declared its commitment to living sustainably by the year 2020. So far, the beauty giant has been working with global packaging firm Albea to develop a paper-based alternative to its current package design. And the brand is not alone. KEVIN.MURPHY is also embracing sustainable packaging. The Australian-born brand is expected to completely transition its line to 100-percent Ocean Waste Plastic (OWP), a process that involves taking plastic waste from the ocean and transforming it into pellets that eventually resemble packaging containers. The result is a 100-percent recyclable container—with zero impact on the formula or the environment. 


Curls With Attitude

Though natural texture has finally become mainstream thanks to an array of curl-friendly trends such as fringe, the shag, etc., color, specifically highlights, has always been an issue for women with textured hair. But not for long! No longer relying on the use of foils, which can cause color to look harsh and chunky on curly strands, today's curly highlights are applied using Pintura (a.k.a. Balayage), a technique that involves hand-painting color on each curl in a way that adds dimension and enhances texture. The best part? Pintura allows colorists to customize the color to complement any and every type of wave, kink, and ringlet out there—a major win for curly girls everywhere! 


Vegan Dreams 

Vegans everywhere can finally rejoice: There is a now a haircare line dedicated to offering quality vegan products for every hair type! The Redken Nature + Science range has finally filled a void in the industry, featuring a wide array of high-performance formulas that are entirely vegan-friendly and sulfate-, paraben- and silicone-free. Whether you crave color protection, mega volume or extra softness, this innovative line is guaranteed to provide every user with gorgeous strands and peace of mind, proving that no one should have to compromise their lifestyle just to have great hair!