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A creative career, being a hairdresser is about more than just producing a beautiful finished look. Apart from visual prowess, hairdressers also play an even more essential role.  “As hairdressers, we transform lives.  We are essential to human’s well-being.  People might not remember what their hairdresser does, but they remember how we make them feel,” says Sam Villa, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Sam Villa and Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken. National Hairstylist Appreciation Day takes place on April 30, so make it a day to celebrate the listeners, confidants, stand-in therapists and artists that devote their lives to making others feel good about themselves. 

Working in the salon professional industry, there are various directions one’s career can take. Although many have an idea of where they’re going, the path isn’t always straightforward and it will be a journey to get to the final destination. It takes courage, confidence and a whole lot of education, which is why Villa is outlining some of the different career paths to explore in an effort to inspire new ways forward.

“No matter what path you take, learn every single thing you can along the way, because education is the key to success in any occupation,” advises Villa.  And today, with mobile devices being the new classroom, it’s easier than ever to access education and your customers!”

Opportunities for Hairdressers:

  • Chain Salons – Whether just starting our or moving to a new area, these can be a great place to work on a team and develop a clientele with plenty of walk-ins.
  • Commission-Based Stylist – This type of structure allows a stylist to work in a team environment and learn more about the business side of working in a salon.
  • Chair Renters – If you’re looking for flexibility, you’ll be able to control your own schedule which is great if you’re self-motivated or balancing other obligations like session work or a family.
  • Suite Owner – This can be ideal for today’s world because of your ability to control your own environment and schedule.
  • Salon Owner - Entrepreneurs or stylists that want to grow a business, inspire a team and have creative control thrive as salon owners.
  • Educator – An ideal way to share your skills with others, align with a manufacturer and get involved in the show world and digital education.

“There are so many opportunities for hairdressers…and the beauty is, in our industry, it’s up to YOU how successful you want to be. With patience and consistency, you will undoubtedly establish a lucrative career and touch many lives,” adds Villa.

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