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Did you know that some curly girls would rather give up pizza for life than to stop using hot tools? Crazy, right? When it comes to hair, the saying “You always want what you can’t have” rings true: Women with fine, stick-straight strands crave texture and body, while those with wavy or curly locks will do just about anything to achieve smooth tresses. No matter what kind of texture you have, it’s time to put down the styling tools and start embracing the hair you were born with. Read on to discover three reasons why you should learn to love your natural texture.

#1- No hair day is the same

Though the elements (wind, rain, humidity) can leave you with some not-so-flattering results (i.e. frizz), all it takes is the right combination of products to achieve effortless, lived-in curls or waves. Unlike those with stick-straight locks, your hair will look different every day—one day your curls might be tight and bouncy, the next day you may have soft, beachy ringlets.

#2 - Zero damage

Flatirons, curling wands, and blow-dryers will damage your hair and eventually disrupt your natural curl pattern. Have you ever noticed that no matter how many styling products you use, your hair curls up within minutes of stepping out the door? That’s because that’s what your hair wants to do. Rather than go against nature and damage your tresses, stick with products that enhance your natural curl pattern and allow your hair to do its thing.

#3 - Your hair is a part of you

It may sound cliche, but your hair is an extension of you. No matter how often you heat style your strands or undergo costly smoothing treatments, you know how your hair looks and feels straight out of the shower. Rather than do everything you can to change your hair, be proud of the texture you were born with. Not only will you have less to do in the morning—not to mention zero damage—you may also inspire another fellow curly girl to show off her natural locks!

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