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Negative space is no longer a term reserved for nail art fanatics and esteemed artists. The concept of utilizing the empty space around an image has officially transitioned into the salon—and balayage has never looked better. Read on to find out why colorists everywhere are embracing the trend in 2019.

So what does “negative space balayage” look like? Essentially, it’s a balayage service that leaves certain strands free of color to create a contrast against lighter locks. The “lack” of color adds dimension and movement to the hair—a welcome change from old-school, “flat-looking” highlights. What’s more, the technique is relatively easy: Per Schwarzkopf Pro Global BlondeME Ambassador Jack Howard, colorists create the look “using the classic V-shaped application—the negative space inside the ‘V,’ or by painting on one side of your section.” The best part? The technique can be adapted to any blonde, brown or red shade.

Ready to take the plunge? Here, a few negative space looks that we’re loving at the moment.

Howard’s secret to making the golden shade look seamless, fresh and youthful? No dark strands around the face!



Chocolate Covered Pretzels By @suetyrrellstylist #bestofbalayage #showmethebalayage

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What makes this look so irresistible? The dramatic contrast of deep chocolate and rich caramel tones.



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Proper placement of color and non-color can instantly transform any crimson hue into a smoking-hot shade.



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So how do you know if you’ve achieved the proper balance of negative space? Your eyes should be drawn to the lighter strands, rather than the darker color.



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An example of balayage done right! Both the dark and light shades work together in perfect harmony.

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