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The Oscars are the holy grail of Award Shows and also the pinnacle of Red Carpet style. Glam vibes and chic couture ooze from the styles seen on the Red Carpet, on stage and the after parties. Didn’t catch the show? Keep reading to see some of our favorite looks of this season.

Best Effortless Waves

Waves have been a long time favorite of stylists and clients alike. With their effortless vibes gracing the catwalks all over the world this year, they then made their way to the Red Carpet. Jennifer Lawrence, Greta Gerwig, and Margot Robbie were some of our favorites this year.


Most Unique

Danai Gurira’s look took a great deal of time and effort from her and her hairstylist. Planned out to be carried in stages days prior, his inspiration was African Ancestral Tribal face paint. By preplanning the design and allowing the area where it was to be placed to grow out more than the rest of her head, it allowed the final design to really pop!


Best Upstyle

While traditional upstyles have taken a back seat to more everyday looks, this year Lupita Nyong’o is starting the movement toward more individualized styles. The Black Panther starlet’s beautiful style was inspired by Amansunzu hairstyles from the traditional Rwandan culture. With braids that wrapped around her head and a gorgeous gold string woven between them, it greatly accentuated her stunning gold Versace gown.

To see more Red Carpet styles and inspirational tips be sure to keep scrolling or take a peek at these.

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