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If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably got a drawer (or shelf) full of combs, brushes, a blow dryer, hot tools and hair ties – because those little things end up everywhere! While you think you may have all the accouterments you could ever want from attachments to clips and contraptions, they question you should be asking yourself is: do you have a proper paddle brush? Paddle brushes are the unsung heroes of fabulous hair – they are a multi-tasking tool that can do much more than removing snags and tangles. Keep reading to find out why you need one in your beauty arsenal.

1.     Prep Before Your Ponytail: Sweeping your hair up into a ponytail without brushing is not the best idea. Using a paddle brush to prep your hair will eliminate those nasty knots and bumps you get when you take out your hair elastic.

2.     Underdog: Paddle brushes are great for combing out your hair underneath, near the nape. This will speed up your blowout, meaning less fatigue on your hands and wrists.

3.     Extensions: If you have extensions, then a paddle brush is your best friend. This brush will help you dry your extensions without creating tangles that may be caused by round brushes. The wide surface of the paddle brush will speed up the drying process, too.

4.     Work The Wave: If you are trying to create more natural curls, then the paddle brush is your answer. After curling your hair with a hot tool, let the curls cool completely for about 5-10 minutes. Then, go back and backcomb the curls with a paddle brush. Using this brush will create waves that will look soft, but will still create the volume you want.

5.     Straightening Your Ends: Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. The paddle brush will work to straighten out the ends of your hair as you dry it. The flat surface of the brush will smooth out the ends of your hair to give you a sleek finish (and you won’t need to touch up with a flat iron).

6.     Before Braids: Like with your ponytail, creating a braid without brushing your hair isn’t the best idea. A quick run-through with a paddle brush will sort out any tangled ends that may disrupt the braiding process.

7.     Calm The Curl: Paddle brushes are especially helpful for textured or curly hair that normally get's stuck in other brushes. You can use this brush to rough dry your hair, getting more of the moisture out. Then, you can go back with a round brush to create a more polished look. Using a paddle brush beforehand will make the next styling process so much easier!

8. Add volume or say goodbye to tangles for good. Paddle brushes are built in a specific way. If you tilt your brush horizontally you’ll notice that the bristle pattern is varied (and doesn’t line up) this is how you should hold it when you want extra control or to add volume (through backcombing). If you hold the brush vertically, you’ll notice that the bristles line up creating even rows, which is essential for workout out knots. Want to know more? Follow along with this tutorial from Sam Villa for a few quick tips!

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