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Scroll, save, and send. Thanks to the ability to easily search for anything from upcoming beauty trends to wedding invites or nursery goals, Pinterest continues to be one of the top platforms for visual inspiration. Analyzing the recent searches and what movements we’re seeing across everything from beauty to fashion, pets, travel, well-being, and more — Pinterest has unveiled their predictions for the top trends we’ll see this year in Pinterest Predicts 2023. High on the list are The Chopped Bob Haircut, Gemini Hair, and Scalp Care! Keep reading to see some of the top beauty “Pinterest Predicts” and see how they’ll change your style this season. 


Pinterest Predicts these Beauty Trends in 2023

Micro Makeover

We’ve predicted it before and already knew the chopped bob was going to be a hit this year, and with searches for the Chopped bob haircut up 550% it looks like we were right! The bob was a major trend the last few years and with everyone looking for a fresh new take on short hair, this textured look will dominate. In addition to this, with Micro french nails up 235%, Micro bangs up 110%, Short stiletto nails up 80% and Short braid hairstyles up 45% — it looks like everything shorter and fresher feeling is on the horizon.


Gemini Hair

As if it were written in the stars…

Based on the stats — with searches for Blue and black braids up 215%, Lavender and blonde hair up150%, Pink and lavender hair up 345%, Brown to pink balayage up 280%, and  Multi tone hair color up 135%, Gemini Hair is proving to be one of the top hair color trends we’ll see this year. This means that clients will be on the hunt for multi-tonal finishes and ways to express their style in two-toned fashion. From subtle hints to bold statements, how will you express yourself this year?


Crown Care

Searches for scalp care have increased immensely. As we age and deal with environmental stressors, styling, and product build-up, it’s only natural that our scalps are in need of TLC. And as skincare becomes part of the hair care movement, new products and routines have been developed to target the scalp.  Whether you’re looking for products to treat your scalp or massage techniques, it looks like searches for Scalp massage techniques are up 55%, Clean scalp up 55%, Scalp treatment for dry scalp up 70%, Natural hair mask for growth up 80% and Clean scalp build-up were up 45%. Lucky for you, we’ve got some great tips and techniques to add to your routine.