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Long gone are the days when there was only one shade of blonde. Thanks to innovations in hair color, it’s now easier than ever to achieve any blonde hue under the sun. Not sure where your shade falls in the color spectrum? Take our quiz to see how your color matches up, and if your hair care routine is making the most impact on your lightened locks.


Q: How often do you visit the salon to touch up your color?

A. Way too often! I have to go at least once every 4-5 weeks to touch up my roots.

B. Every six weeks.

C. Not very often, if ever. My color is very low-maintenance.

D. My color usually fades by Week 3, so I’m back in the salon once a month.


Q: What shade best represents your hair?

A. White or silver

B. Gold

C. Sand

D. Red


Q: What is your biggest hair issue?

A. Damage. The bleach wreaks havoc on my hair.

B. Expensive. So. Many. Foils.

C. Dry strands from too much sun exposure during the summer.

D. Fading.



If you answered mostly As, you’re a platinum blonde. Your color is a mix of blonde and white or silver tones that require frequent trips to the salon and weekly deep conditioning treatments.  To ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, use a shampoo and conditioner that neutralizes yellow tones, revives damaged strands and enhances your color.

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If you answered mostly Bs, you’re a honey blonde. You’re all about sun-kissed strands, and with the help of perfectly placed highlights, it’s easy to capture that “natural” look. Not so easy? Finding the right hair care cocktail that heightens your hair’s golden tones without looking too yellow. Opt for a mild cleanser that removes grease and grime without stripping your color and an ultra-hydrating conditioner.

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If you answered mostly Cs, you’re a dirty blonde. Your color requires minimal maintenance, and, chances are, you’ve got virgin (or nearly-virgin) hair. If you rely on the sun for natural highlights, make sure you’re giving your tresses plenty of TLC and moisture to prevent them from drying out from the sun’s harmful rays.

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If you answered mostly Ds, you’re a strawberry blonde. Unfortunately, unless its your natural color, those red tones fade out pretty quickly, which means you must do your part to prolong the life of your color as long as possible. Space out your washes (your BFF should be dry shampoo), use a color-safe, deep conditioning treatment at least once a week and always apply a color-safe leave-in conditioner to damp strands to lock in shine and moisture.

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