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Achieving effortless hair doesn’t happen overnight. It can take a great deal of time, care and prep to ensure an “I woke up like this” look. While certain products can be used year-round, it can be a great idea to change up your hair care routine with the shift in seasons to achieve your goals. Whether you’re looking for a place to start or want a few key ways to update your current routine, keep reading for a few expert-approved tips and product picks from Keune Creative Technical Ambassador Amber Skrzypek

Start With The Scalp

Just like your hair, the function of your scalp can change drastically between winter and summer. For example, hair often grows quicker in the summer months and slower during the winter. If you’ve noticed that your strands aren’t growing as quickly as you would like, consider adding a product to stimulate this. 

Amber Suggests: Derma Activate Lotion is ideal for anyone with thinning hair, slow growth or for those who simply want to promote hair growth. It is a great idea to add to your routine during winter as a preventative (1-2/week), for maintenance (2-3/week), or as an intensive treatment (3-4/week) to jumpstart the effects. This formula contains caffeine which helps stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth and Vitamin H to strengthen and activate the cells to keep hair in growth cycle longer.

Exfoliate Often

During the winter months, you may notice that your skin feels extra dry. This is due to a combination of cold air outside and excess heaters indoors. Due to this, you may notice peeling on your hands and skin and even a little dandruff on your scalp. While Amber recommends turning down the heat, avoiding hot water on the scalp and investing in a humidifier, exfoliating the scalp is also a great way to combat dry scalps and flakes. 

Amber Suggests: So Pure Exfoliating Treatment - Formulated with Lavender to calm and soothe, tea tree a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial, and certified organic Argan oil for moisture, this product also has water-soluble exfoliating beads that can be applied directly to the scalp for a great scrub. For a spa-like treatment, Amber recommends using a color brush to apply the product to the scalp in a similar way that you would apply hair color. Then, gently massage in, shampoo and then condition. *Pro-Tip: Amber suggests using this product only when necessary. It doesn’t necessarily need to be used weekly or daily because you don’t want to over-exfoliate or over-stimulate the scalp. 

Opt For A Salon Treatment

A great way to combat the effects of winter and prepare for spring is by booking yourself a salon treatment. What to ask for? Miracle Elixir or Bond Fusion! 

Miracle Elixir: This salon treatment can be added to any Care Mask of you or your stylist’s choice for an intensive 20-minute treatment. This professional product has keratin in it to help strengthen hair and heal from inside out. Then, don’t forget to pick up a Keune Care Mask or a specially formulated Keune YOU product to keep up the self-care at home! 


Bond Fusion: Bond Fusion is a 3-phase system that begins in the salon and can also continue at home. Phase 1 and 2 can be used in the salon as a standalone treatment while Bond Fusion Phase 3 (the Bond Recharger) can be used intermittently to add longevity to the treatment.