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Burnout is happening sooner and more often for individuals everywhere. For some, it happens at work and for others, it occurs in their daily routines. The best way to reset and recharge is by shifting focus towards healthy practices that prioritize wellness. This can be by cooking a nutrient-dense meal to starting a new yoga practice or spending time revamping your beauty routine. If you’re looking for new ways to dedicate time to your hair health, we’ve got a few self-care techniques you should treat yourself to this season.

The Top Self-Care Treatments to Shop for the Holidays


While at-home treatments can be relaxing, sometimes it's nice to have someone else treat and style your hair. You don’t need to go for a big change, simply schedule a professional treatment alongside a blowout or bang trim to add a little R&R to your routine.  

Conditioning Treatment

If you’ve booked yourself for a blowout, ask your stylist to add on a Keune Mask Treatment. Or pick one up for yourself and treat yourself at any time! We love the Keratin Smooth mask formulated with keratin to repair damage from the inside out. For best results use it about once and week and will leave you with strengthened results that leave hair healthy, shiny, and soft. 

Keratin Smooth Mask Hair Treatment $44


Shine or Glow Treatment

If you normally color your hair — whether you get balayage or a base — adding a Semi Color Shine or Glow Treatment is an ideal way to keep your shade looking stellar. The Semi Color Shine Treatment works to enhance your current color without the addition of a tone — instead, it uses Semi Color Clear to add a healthy, shiny finish. If your tone needs altering, the Semi Color Glow Treatment is for you. The Glow Treatment can enhance or alter natural or unwanted tones by adding a touch of color to deliver depth and dimension. 


Skip The Heat

We’re sure you have plenty of gatherings to head to this season, so to avoid literal burnout, skip the heat styling whenever you get the chance. This cuts down on unnecessary damage to your hair while also taking the stress out of styling. Learn how to harness the power of products to create a truly stunning air-dry style and use your extra downtime to focus on yourself. A few of our favorite leave-in stylers to help you air-dry include Keune So Pure Recover Conditioning Spray. Following this, add a layer of Style Curl Cream to add movement to your texture. 

 Keune So Pure Color Care Leave-In Spray 

Keune Style Curl Cream 


Extend Your Style

Finding yourself hitting snooze a few extra times this season? Us too! The change in weather, alongside the shift in daylight, leaves us all craving a few extra Zzz’s. For this reason, we highly recommend nighttime shower and styling sessions. 

To ensure a beautiful style once you wake, invest in a silk pillowcase and a quality dry shampoo and dry conditioner combo. By adding Style Dry Shampoo and Dry Conditioner to your style on day 2 and 3, you’ll be able to skip the washing while still rocking a put-together look. Style Dry Shampoo features Keune’s Dry Cleansing Complex to absorb impurities leading to fresher and fuller-looking hair. At the same time, Style Dry Conditioner detangles and leaves hair soft for smoothness without weighing the hair down.   

Keune Style Dry Shampoo

 Keune Style Dry Conditioner