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Over the past few seasons, we’ve seen trends ebb and flow and mix and match. Most prominently we’ve seen gender lines blur as men and women share and exchange their styles. This season, one of the top trends we saw popping up everywhere was the slicked back “wet” look. As men grow their hair longer to create the style, women of all lengths have been adopting this trend.

The biggest misconception about this style lies in the finish of the hair – it isn’t actually supposed to be wet, you just want to give off that feel. This leaves many of us wondering how to get the look, the answer is products!

Start off by washing and conditioning your hair to ensure you’re starting your style on a blank canvas. We recommend using Reuzel Daily Shampoo and Conditioner to cleanse the hair while providing moisture, scalp stimulation and a nice slip to the hair.

Next, once out of the shower, you’ll want to use a grooming comb to begin pushing your hair back from the hairline to the crown and nape area. If your hair is on the straighter side, simply apply a generous amount of Reuzel Pomade Red for a customizable hold factor with a high amount of sheen. For thicker wavier textures, you’ll want to apply Reuzel Pomade Blue for a high hold and shine; Pomade Blue holds hair like a Wax, looks like Pomade and rinses like a Gel.


If your hair dries fast, you can simply let it be. However for more stubborn textures, directionally blow drying the hair into the desired shape with Reuzel Grooming Tonic and then using your Pomade of choice will create your perfect slick backed style.


Don’t forget to stock up on extra products this season, since your mate will be asking you to pass the pomade.

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