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Smoothing treatments aren’t just for women looking to eliminate frizz. More and more men are requesting the salon service in hopes of getting straighter, softer and more manageable hair. Not sure if you’d benefit from the treatment? Read on to find out if a smoothing treatment may be a huge game-changer for your strands.

It’s nearly impossible to tame your texture.

If you’re battling frizz on a daily basis and find yourself slathering on the styling creams, pomades, gels, etc. with no avail, then it may be time to take your weaponry up a notch with a smoothing treatment. The Cezanne Classic and Express smoothing treatments are designed to smooth the hair cuticle for up to 4-6 weeks without the use of dangerous formaldehydes.

You’ve got limited styling time.

Whether you’re dedicated to squeezing in that early A.M. workout or are too busy chasing little ones before you head off to the office, you don’t have time to be combing, spiking or fussing with unruly tresses. A smoothing treatment is a surefire way to wash and go. While your hair will still have its natural curl pattern, your locks will be more smooth and manageable, allowing them to fall into place as they air-dry.

Your curls just don’t cut it anymore.

Eager to change up your look with a new style, but don’t think your curls will cooperate? A smoothing treatment basically transforms your hair into the ideal texture, allowing you to choose whatever style you like without having to worry about your curls behaving or not.

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