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Recently the recipient of the International Hairdressing Awards first International Hair Influencer of the Year Award, Sam Villa has an important message for us all - THINK before sharing. “Sharing is the greatest gift we can give one another…to support each other so we can all grow and prosper together,” says Sam Villa, originator of the #ArtistsSupportingArtists movement (along with Andrew Carruthers Education Director of Sam Villa) and recipient of the International Hairdressing Awards first International Hair Influencer of the Year Award

As a prominent voice, not only within the hairdressing community but among social media channels, Sam Villa urges artists to think about what they are posting prior to sharing. A message he continues to spread both online and in person, he begs us to think about our actions - instead of bringing others down, think about how you can lift them up. 

The award symbolizes the affirmative effect his namesake brand has had on social media, as well as the positive global impact he has made on the industry.

“I ask one thing…for all salon professionals to THINK before they act on social media,” says Villa.  A concept rooted in the “Think Before You Speak” belief that Villa wishes to infuse in the professional industry with respect to social media.   

T – Is the information TRUE?

H – Is something really HAPPENING or is it made up or exaggerated?

I – Is the content INSPIRING?


K – Is it KIND?

Within a community that is so rooted in visual and creative expression, it is important to embrace each other's unique work. “The next time you post, think about using your voice to promote a community of inspiration, support and evolution,” says Villa.  “You could be that person who inspires a young stylist not to give up…who encourages someone to take a creative risk…to applaud a job well done…or you might be that person who is fueled to accomplish your goals based on the encouragement of others,” he adds.  “Either way, it’s advantageous to moving our industry forward in a healthy sustainable way.”

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