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Never have I ever fallen in love with a celebrity solely based on their impeccable style. Wait, just kidding! We totally have! We’ve fallen in love with Anya Taylor-Joy, Zendaya, and now we’ve fallen in love with Netflix’s Never Have I Ever star, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan.

Maitreyi is one of Generation Z’s biggest breakout stars of the 2020s and ever since her hit show Never Have I Ever debuted in the summer of 2020, people have been noticing her amazing style! Not only is this 19-year-old star a talented actress with an undoubtedly long career ahead of her, but she also has a fun-loving, youthful style that we just can’t get enough of! In the show, her character, Devi, often wears cozy-looking sweaters coupled with effortlessly laid locks, but in her everyday life, Maitreyi likes to spice things up with bright and bold patterned outfits and lots of fun hair accessories! We’ve taken the time to gather all of our favorite Maitreyi looks and even have a few tips for creating some of these looks yourself!

Wavy Devi

Beach waves have been all the rage this summer, and it’s one look we’re not quite ready to give up on. Especially not since seeing Maitreyi wear this style so elegantly! She’s posing near the ocean, so it’s likely the sea breeze had a little something to do with how beachy her waves look! However, if you’re not close to the beach, or if you’re just looking to add a little bit of extra texture to your beach waves, spritz in a little bit of KEVIN.MURPHY HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY before heading out for the day!

For her spread in Vanity Fair, Maitreyi wore her hair in luscious beach waves and pinned back a hefty section with oversized lavender hair clips. She then paired this hairstyle with a Gorgeous purple leather jacket and a brown silk neck scarf which quite literally tied the entire look together. She’s giving off major earthy vibes with this look, and we can definitely see this style becoming a trend!


Butterfly Clip Queen

It’s no secret that Gen Z is a fan of style trends from the 90s and the 2000s, so it should come as no surprise to see one of Generation Z’s biggest stars rocking a classic hairstyle from this era!

We’ve mentioned it before, but Maitreyi sure does love her hair accessories! Over the summer, she embraced the retro butterfly clip trend and looked absolutely gorgeous! Typically, you’ll see a lot of people rocking this trend with baby blue or bubblegum pink butterfly clips, but Maitreyi put her own spin on the trend with all gold clips!


Curled to Perfection

We see Maitreyi’s natural texture quite a lot, as do we see her hair straight, however, a rare and beautiful sight to see is when her hair is curled to perfection!

Whenever Maitreyi curls her hair it completely elevates her look and brings in even more of her youthful vibes! While some are born with natural curls, others, like Maitreyi, need a little help to bring them out. To get the perfect curls, we recommend styling with the Sam Villa Professionals 1” Professional Curling Iron and locking in the curls with Keune Style Freestyle Spray No 86.