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Looking forward to a season under the sun? We’re sure you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect ‘kini just in time for summer! While you’re contributing to your online shopping problem why not complete the look with the products that will take your hair from frizzy to flawless in no time.

Start with your shampoo

With the appropriate amounts of sunscreen, your skin may love the sun but sometimes the sun can take an unknowing toll on your hair. If you have color treated hair it is imperative to swap out your shampoo and conditioner this season. Blonde Rush Shampoo and Conditioner will cancel out unwanted tones for blondes of all levels and leave hair nourished to complement your style. 

Deep Condition at least once a week

Let’s be honest here, going in the pool, hanging at the beach or just being in the sun will wreak havoc on your locks. If your skin started peeling, what would you do? It’s important to treat your hair with the same respect you would treat your skin! Start off with the Intensive Mask once a week to bring your hair back from the brink.

Put Down The Blow Dryer

Sure, we all want to look #flawless, but adding more heat to the mix under the already sweltering conditions can lead to frizz and excess damage. Give your hair a break and get familiar with air-drying. The best way to start this is to prep your style the day before. At night after cleansing and conditioning apply a product that will work with your natural texture. For thick and/or curly hair: pick up Smoothing Solution. For medium thickness and/or wavy hair: try Definition Cream. If your hair is on the straighter side and you want to add a bit of texture, spritz Root Amplifier at the roots and once dry add Finishing Texture Spray to your style.


 While hair care is a big help for summer, styling is another key factor. Be sure to tune into privé on Instagram and stay tuned for even more hair hacks here!

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