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Memorial Day weekend can be seen as the kickoff for the new season of styles to look forward to. You visit with all of your friends, learn new tips and take pieces of their style as your own. As you recuperate from a weekend in the sun and think about scheduling your next barber or stylist appointment, be sure to be armed with the latest style hacks and grooming trends to get a style that compliments the season!


Say goodbye to the traditional fade

The fad had its time and place, and it was last season. Let the good times roll as you let your hair grow out for the summer. Next time you visit your stylist, let them know that you want to grow your hair a bit and rock a texturized style – trust us, they’ll be as excited about the change as you are. If you need to take weight out or want a classic look, opt for an undercut instead! Then, pair with your favorite American Crew styler, based on your hair type, and rock on with your bad self.


Embrace a new shape

Texture has never been more in style and part of this is due to the fact that it embraces the look nature gave you. Instead of fighting your curls or trying to hide your wavy locks with a buzz cut, embrace them for the warmer months. Instead of completely chopping your hair as your stylist to take weight out at your next appointment. This will help shape your hair without weighing it down, giving you a new look while letting it grow.


Going through an awkward phase?

We’ve all been there. The key to getting through it lies in your ability to embrace products. You’d be surprised how much adding an extra product or cocktailing your favorite blend will seriously upgrade your style. If your hair feels a little floppy, this is because your hair isn’t long enough to weigh itself down where needed – opt for a blow dryer with The Alternator to start. Blow dry any awkward areas down and then layer with Molding Clay and a spritz of Grooming Spray to finish. This is the key to getting through those bad hair days!


Looking for more hair tips for the season? Check out these grooming guides and stay tuned for even more hairspiration!