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Summer isn’t just a time for brews with bro’s and sunset surf sessions, summers are the start of a new routine for your hair and your style. This time of the year, your style should be low-maintenance and flow a little freer than previous season’s. Taking cues from some of our favorite style icons, learn how to take your style from Spring to Summer. 

You don’t need a hat, learn how to rock second day hair.

Depending on your hair routine, you might want to forgo washing your hair everyday (we still suggest showering). If you are rocking a long and lengthy style, indicative of Bradley Cooper’s current state, a little natural texture may do you good. For a messy-sexy style, wash your hair before you sleep with Daily Moisturizing Shampoo and apply Light Hold Texture Lotion to damp strands. Let your hair dry as you sleep for a bed head look that is clean and perfectly tousled. In the morning, refresh your style with a dash of Boost Powder and run your fingers through it for a celeb-worthy style.

Make sure your style can stand up to the heat – it’s all about layering.

With the season comes the sun. While your normal routine was working just fine, you might find your hair to be extra frizzy, dull or lackluster during the summer months. Add Hair Recovery + Thickening Shampoo to your daily routine – this shampoo will revitalize your hair inside and out adding moisture, strength and UV protection. Follow this by adding Alternator to control groomed styles or Ultramatte for a natural effect that will stand up to the elements.

Let it air dry for a natural look.

This season, it is all about natural looking hair. Whether curly or straight, embrace your style just as it is. Fighting your texture during these months will only lead to frizz so learn how to enhance your hair instead. For straight hair, always prep hair with Alternator and finish with the Pomade, Clay, or Grooming Cream of your choice based on desired hold. For textured hair, use Light Hold Texture Lotion or Curl Control to condition as your control your curls.

The revolution of men’s styling has officially begun and we couldn’t be more excited to give you all the tips, tricks and techniques to achieve a style of your own. Check out American Crew on Bangstyle and stay tuned for even more styles!