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Teasy lights are a technique that uses backcombing to create a softer transition between base shades and highlights. It can be used to create ombre, sombre or babylight looks or anytime you’re looking for a soft grow-out. “Sometimes when you’re doing teasy lights, it’s hard to get your backcombing to take or hold, so I use dry sections clip,” explains Twylla Jane, Sam Villa Ambassador and owner of Lumos Nox Salon @twyllajane

See her technique on TikTok and learn more below!


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  • Insert a dry sectioning clip into section and backcomb behind the clip (moving it towards the head).  The clip holds the backcombing in place.
  • Flip foil and apply product to the other side, the clip provides easy control when reversing the foil.

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Sam Villa Professional Dry Sectioning Clips

“My absolute favorite clip to use is a Sam Villa Dry Sectioning Clip because it has a silicon band that really holds hair in place, even the little, tiny ones, so it’s easier to apply product with precision,” says Jane.


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