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If the wolf cut and a bob was to have a baby, it would be The Cub Cut. Cute, chic, edgy and low-key enough to be manageable, trendsetters are calling this the cut of summer.

The reason we’ve been seeing so many haircut mashups lately, is because as clients, we’re on the hunt for a more memorable look than just long layers with beachy waves. We want to wear our natural hair just as it is, wake up and go and spend less time looking like we’re primping (even if we are). That isn’t to say short hair or this cut, in particular, is for everyone, but as it goes — we’re all looking to have a bit of fun as we head into summer and added texture built in through a haircut seems to be the way to do it.

What Is The Cub Cut:

Another hybrid cut — The Cub Cut features all the shaggy layers and face-framing we love so much about the Wolf Cut, but with a shorter bob length. The length will ultimately change based on preference and person, but the shorter look gives a cute and fresh feel to the look. While the Wolf Cut feels very 70s, the Cub Cut takes us into 80s/90s vibes depending on the finished style.

The look is similar to the chopped bob but with even more texture and can be worn styled smooth, with curls or rocking your natural texture (our favorite rendition). The longest lengths fall just above the shoulders or closer to the jawline and can feature a fringe or plenty of face-framing layers to create an edgy feel.



Styling The Cub Cut

Air Dry

The beauty of this cut is the ability to create movement, texture and volume while showing off natural texture — whether it’s straight, waves, curls or coils. If you are going to be wearing hair naturally, communicate this with your stylist to ensure enough weight is taken off or distributed for a balanced finish. After cleaning the hair, apply a leave-in conditioner and a defining cream or serum to enhance your texture pattern and cut down on frizz. If you’re looking for more definition and volume, flip your head upside down and dry with a diffuser.

Suggested Products:

Wella Professionals Nutricurls Curl Shaper 72h Curl Defining Gel-Cream

Heat Styling

If you want to style your hair smooth or with added movement, prep hair with a heat protectant blow dry the hair with a round brush to accentuate movement and a slight bend or curl. To avoid an overly perfect finish, use a texturizing spray or moldable paste to break up the finish and create an undone, bedhead feel.

Suggested Products:

Redken Spray Smooth

Redken Spray Wax