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There are certain trends that can influence an entire decade and morph to influence trends each season following. Case in point: the Rachel and the 90s.  Movements like these

There are certain trends — ahem, the Rachel — that can influence an entire decade (the 90s) and subsequently new trends each season after that. Currently, while the modern day versions of the Rachel are trending all over town, another even more iconic movement is taking place — the rise of The Bob.

While most attribute the bob to Vidal Sassoon in the 1960s, the haircut has an even earlier history. Some date the style back to the 1890s with French actress Polaire. Others say the inspiration came from Joan of Arc as the look became famous in 1909 Paris culture, and still others pointed to Irene Castle in 1915. With a strong history, it is no wonder the iconic shape continues to trend presently season after season.

Current Bob Haircut Trends

The cut has continued to trend and be reimagined in the ‘20s (the 2020s, that is). When it comes to celebrities who have been spotted wearing variations of the look, the list is a mile long. Not to mention the iterations — we’ve seen The Diana Bob, The Boy Bob, The Boyfriend Bob, The Botticelli Bob, Fringed Bobs, The Airy Bob, The Jawbone Bob, The Chopped Bob, The Undone Bob, The Expensive Bob, The Italian Bob, The Butterfly Bob, and the latest Sleek Bob (aka "Slob"). Almost every season, we’ve got a new name for it, and the truth is, as individuality becomes paramount, we’ll continue to see new terms coined as the style is tailored to each person.

Bob Trends We’ve Seen in the ‘20s (2020’s)

When it comes to picking a haircut, the most important factor is choosing a style that suits you and your lifestyle. A bob haircut might not be your best choice, but if it is, we’ve got all the inspiration you need to show at your next appointment.

The Diana Bob

The Boy Bob

The Boyfriend Bob


The Botticelli Bob


Fringed Bobs


The Airy Bob

The Jawbone Bob


The Chopped Bob


The Undone Bob

The Expensive Bob

The Italian Bob

The Butterfly Bob

Sleek Bob (aka "Slob")