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Working together as a team to craft a collection is possibly one of the hardest and most rewarding experiences you can have. Bringing together like minds, different styles and creating art is no easy feat. The collection from The Harlot Salon Team shows effortless connection throughout their entire creation. Keep reading to learn more about this beautiful art and how they created it, together. 

What makes your team unique?

We have a passion for creativity and dedication for the craft. This is something we share with many artists, but each team and artist has something unique and beautiful to offer.

How does your team influence the collection?

It’s the unique combination of talents; we all help each other bringing each other’s vision to life. Each of us has something to bring to the table and since no one is perfect at everything, this is a huge strength in unity.

How did you work together to come up with the concept?

Everyone has a piece of their work in the development of the big picture idea. We have a specific culture that we are inspired by and we found it important that we brought that to life together – individuals coming together with a collective inspiration and making that inspirational vision come to life.

Who played what roles in executing the collection?

Every artist finds a niche within their craft. This individuality is underscored in each of the team member’s strengths and combining that in each look. Each and every artist had a hand in the looks from color to cut to style. 

What was the inspiration behind the collection?

Mix and match each other’s craft within each individual. Inspiration is everywhere, and we wanted to combine street, glamour and cult art. 

What was the most important aspect for you?

The most important aspect was having a team of like-minded artists who were all on the same page about bringing this vision to life.

How did social media influence your art?

Not at all. The madness of a true artist is creating a collection that stems from pure inspiration uninfluenced by social media. If anything, we are the opposite of “trends,” but strive to create visionary pieces of work that simply inspire and could one day become trendsetting, of course.

Where will we find you in Long Beach?!

Look for the Team Harlot branded hoodies, shirts, and jackets! 

What did you learn about teamwork throughout this process?

Working with the right team creates a safe space in which you can comfortably explore your creative process without hesitation and without inhibition. The Harlot is a special team in this way; truly, we help each other achieve the best and pull out the best in each other as well.

What are you looking forward to most about NAHA 2019?!

Sharing this amazing moment with Team Harlot who deserves it. Being surrounded by the amazing talent to celebrate alongside their success at achieving such highly coveted and well-regarded award in our industry. We are blessed to exist in the best industry in the world and we are going to have an amazing time together.


Stay tuned to see even more NAHA Finalists Collections! 

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