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Now, more than ever clients and stylists are placing a large focus on increasing the health of the hair. From self-care to scalp care, everyone is on the hunt for the best ways to cut down on damage. “No one wants damaged hair…yet the daily habits of many people are contributing to dryness and breakage, and they don’t even realize it. Knowing what to do and what to avoid is important.  These are some of the steps I share with my guests to help minimize habits that hurt their hair,” explains Teresa Romero, Sam Villa Artistic Director and Artistic/Education Director for Jose Luis Salon @_teresa_romero. Keep reading for a few of her top tips to reverse damage and get healthy hair. 

  1. Using the Wrong Shampoo and Conditioner: As lifestyle, health and styling habits change so should the products used to address solutions to problems.  And remember to always use conditioner – it replenishes much-needed moisture and protein.
  2. Technique:  Avoid rubbing shampoo into the ends, instead, gently massage shampoo on scalp and pull through ends using fingers like a comb. For even saturation of conditioner, use fingers or a large-tooth comb to distribute in a downward motion.  
  3. Scalp Health:  An unhealthy scalp creates an unhealthy environment for hair to grow in. Use a hair cleansing treatment 1-2 times per month to remove buildup on the scalp so hair can thrive.
  4. Combing/Brushing Wet Hair:  Hair stretches when wet making it vulnerable to breaking. To minimize, use a large-tooth comb or wet brush when detangling wet hair and treat it gently.
  5. Twisting or Pulling: Don’t pull or twist hair throughout the day out of habit/stress, the tension will cause breakage. Leaving hair wrapped tightly in a towel, pulling too tightly for braids/ponytails/knots and up styles can also contribute to breakage.
  6. Hair Extensions: There are many application techniques for adding hair, to minimize damage, choose techniques with the least amount of damage for the hair type.  And educate guests on how to maintain extensions at home, as well as how often they should be removed/reapplied.
  7. Thermal Styling: Older styling tools or improper heat settings can cause damage. Turn down the heat and/or use tools with color-treated settings, like many of the Sam Villa irons and blow dryers.  And ALWAYS use products that provide heat protection when styling, Redken and Mizani have many.


CreditsImage 1: Hair/Artistic Director: Teresa Romero; Hair Support: Dorcas Gonzales; Photographer: Alejandro Osma; Tools: Sam Villa; Products: Redken; Makeup: Leticia Tapia; Model: Jodi Leigh.

Image 2: Hair and Photography: Teresa Romero/Sam Villa Artistic Director; Tools: Sam Villa; Products: Redken.