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Thinning hair is something most guys have to deal with at one time or another. Though there is no magical cure, there are some sneaky ways to create the appearance of fullness. Read on to learn the top tricks to faking thicker strands.

Ask for texture

Forget the strategic parts and obvious comb-overs. When it comes to the right cut, it’s all about adding texture. Steer clear of single-length styles and instead ask the stylist to give your strands a textured, layered finish.

Shampoo often

Greasy strands will leave hair looking limp, thin and stuck to your head—not a good look. Make sure to wash your hair at least every other day to remove excess oils and keep your locks looking full and voluminous. We recommend Reuzel Daily Shampoo, it will moisturize strands while leaving your scalp invigorated. 

Less equals more

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too much product. Your daily routine should only consist of one or two powerhouse stylers that get the job done. Too much product will weigh your hair down and make it look even thinner than it actually is.

Use a blow-dryer

The key to volume is the right product and a good blow-dry. To get the best results, use a round brush to over-direct your hair and create body, movement and shape.

Become best buds with Fiber Pomade

As we said earlier, texture is your friend. When shopping for the right styling products, opt for Reuzel Fiber Pomade, which will add texture and fullness to shorter strands. To use, work a small amount of pomade through your palms before adding it to your hair, then use fingers to style and blow-dry.

Starting a new routine this season should be invigorating, just like all of our picks from Reuzel! Looking for something specific to switch up your style? Check out all the goodies Reuzel has to pick from in the Bangstyle store!