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Coconut hit the wellness and beauty market as an end-all-be-all a few seasons ago. From salves to mouth swishing and as a deep conditioner - yet these days we’re finding that while coconut can be great for our beauty routine, we love the new color trend it created even more. If you’re curious where to start, keep reading for our top tips and techniques for getting the color you desire!

This trend is all about contrast. 

We haven’t seen contrast like this since the heyday of the ombre. Combining brown and blonde tones, this trend is all about the bronde! With a deep dark root that softly transitions into blonde, it is a great option for any brunette looking to go blonde without the typical washout it entails. 

How To Characterize The Color

Dabbling somewhere between a soft rose gold blonde and a cool opalescent tone, this shade reminds of us… well toasted coconut. A light light blonde with hints of warm brown around the edges. 

How To Get The Look

Depending on where you’re starting from, this look will be a mix of highlights, toning and a root smudge. 

If you’re a brunette: a mix of foil and free-hand highlights should be utilized to create the look. The foils will get your color to the level you desire while the freehand work will help soften the edges and create dept. 

If you’re a blonde: Depending on your root color, you may need a root smudge of a beige-brown shade. 

No matter where you’ve come from with your shade, you’ll want to ask for a neutral gloss with undertones of pearl and ice blonde and the second gloss of honey-brown applied to get depth within the color. 

Post-Color Care:

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