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When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, we’ve heard them all before. “I want to drink more water,” “I’m going to start eating healthier,” “I’m going to work out 5 days a week,” and the other cliche habits we’ve all attempted to implement at the start of new calendar year. But, oftentimes, we bite off more than we can chew, causing us to fall off the wagon within a few months (or weeks). This New Year, why not stick to something more achievable and step up your haircare routine? Check out the top six habits that will give you gorgeous locks in 2020. 


Habit #1: 

Apply a hair mask at least once a week

Hair looking extra dry and damaged after harsh winter conditions and constant heat styling? Vow to inject some additional moisture into your locks with weekly hair treatments. Whether you opt for a DIY mask or a pre-bottled formula, choose one day a week (typically on the night before wash day) to apply an overnight treatment. To remain consistent, keep it the same day every week and put an alarm on your phone or write it down in your planner. 

Our pick: Keune CARE Vital Nutrition Mask

Habit #2: 

Schedule your trims every 6-8 weeks

How many of us are guilty of avoiding the salon like the plague in desperation to achieve longer locks? Unfortunately, too many of us have the split ends to show for it! This New Year, do yourself a favor and schedule your trims at the start of the year. Ask your stylist how often she or he believes you should come in, then pre-book your appointments for the next six months to a year. Trust us, your healthy ends will thank you! 


Habit #3: 

Buy the proper shampoo for your hair type

Unfortunately, too many of us are washing our strands with shampoos that do little to nothing for our hair. Maybe we bought a certain formula because it was on sale, or, we wanted to test out a new product that we saw our favorite influencer use. Whatever the case, if your shampoo doesn’t met your hair needs, you’ll never see a difference in your locks. This year, take the time to understand your hair type and texture, then look for formulas that provide those benefits, whether you want to restore moisture, repair damage, strengthen your strands or maintain your color. 

Our picks:



Damaged hair -  Keune Care Vital Nutrition Shampoo & Conditioner




Color-treated hair - Redken Color Extend Magnetics Sulfate-free Shampoo & Conditioner


Habit #4: 

Invest in a silk pillowcase

Who doesn’t want to avoid heat styling as much as possible? Rather than waste your time styling in the A.M., invest in a silk pillowcase to protect your hair while you sleep. Unlike a standard cotton pillowcase, which can be rough on the hair, silk allows your hair to slide around while you snooze, preventing breakage and frizz and preserving your style. What’s more, unlike porous cotton, silk helps to lock in moisture, allowing you to wake up with softer, smoother and shinier strands in the morning. 


Habit #5:

Be mindful with your products

When it comes to haircare, many of us focus solely on the benefits of a product, rather than the effects it may have on the environment. This New Year, take the time to research products that not only provide you with impeccable results but also contribute to improving our planet. For example, top brands such as KEVIN.MURPHY, have committed to sustainability in 2020. The Australian-based brand is transitioning its entire product line to Ocean Waste Plastic (bottles made from recycled ocean waste), a huge move that is guaranteed to rock the industry and encourage more brands to rethink their current packaging. Similarly, brands, such as the Redken Nature + Science range, are now offering 100-percent vegan-friendly formulas, allowing users to have great hair and peace of mind with every use. 


Habit #6: 

Treat yourself to a monthly blowout

Not every New Year’s resolution has to feel like a sacrifice. As one of your commitments to self-care in 2020, vow to treat yourself to a blow-out at least once a month. Schedule a specific time each month, whether it’s before a big event or even a casual date night, to go to the salon, indulge in a little bubbly, and have someone else style your hair for a change. Not only will you have a chance to relax and unwind, you’ll leave with gorgeous locks that’ll inspire you to keep spoiling your strands with these fresh habits all year long!