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Whether you take tips from your favorite celebs, usually have a low-key styling routine, or scour the Internet for tips, there's always room for improvement. The change in season is a perfect time to debut a new look or brush up on basics for any grooming routine. 

Aim For Effortless

Effortless chic has stood the test of time across various generations. From James Dean to Ryan Gosling, if there’s one thing they have in common it’s the ability to look casual and put together at the same time.  How to get the look? Keeping your grooming appointments consistent is a great start. Visiting your stylist often will keep ends tidy and shape intact. Next, apply products sparingly. Vigorously shampoo and condition strands each time you shower and then use a blow dryer to set your shape. Then, follow up with Matte Styling Cream for a no shine but controlled finish.

Facial Hair Is A Fast Fix

Whether you’re traveling abroad or simply can’t get in to see your stylist, changing up your facial hair is the quickest way to update your look. Grow out that scruff or shape up your lines with a razor for a defined finish. Whichever style you choose, be sure to properly prep skin before jumping in. For cleaning up your neck and cheeks, apply Classic Moisturizing Shave Cream to the cleansed area. If you’re going for a longer look, be sure to pick up Beard Foam Cleanser for daily use to deodorize and condition the beard.


Switch Things Up A Bit

If you’re really looking to make a change, do it all at once. Grow out your facial hair and chop off your hair or vice versa – it will create a dramatic effect and give you and your friends something new to look at! Not sure how to go about this? Consult your stylist! Barbers and stylists create transformations for a living, they are used to assessing the situation and coming up with a solid game plan. Just be sure you listen to their advice and pick up the products needed to complete the look.

Looking for more hair tips for the season? Check out these grooming guides and stay tuned for even more hair inspiration!