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While we haven’t craved this look since the early 00’s, straightening your hair is back and better than ever. The best part? Techniques, education and tools have progressed greatly since the days of flat hair with no bend or movement. When achieving this look a few key tips can go a long way for your clients. The reason your clients will be asking for this look again started on the runway. While texture is still a coveted movement, the trend toward sleek and sophisticated is highly coveted.  

The biggest issue stylists and clients run in to is hair that is, in fact, too straight! People love the polish of flat ironing, but sometimes it can create hair that doesn’t want to move, hence the term “broomstick ends.” Andrew Carruthers, Education Director for Sam Villa, suggests using diagonal sections, a low and slow pass and a slight bevel for polished hair that is shiny and bouncy. To get a supremely sleek and shiny look without broomstick ends, follow the direction below!

Diagonal Sections

Using diagonal sections helps to create a very polished finish while maintaining movement in the hair. Horizontal sections create flat sheets that lay over each other, whereas diagonal sections (especially with a bevel) create sheets that fall on a diagonal so they move much better.

Low and Slow Pass

Low temperature with a slow pass or high temperature with a fast pass? Low and slow will produce more even results because it allows the heat to distribute more thoroughly throughout the section.


To avoid broomstick ends or a deflated look, create a slight bevel through the hair with the Sam Villa Signature Series Sleekr Professional Straightening Iron.  Comb through hair and insert comb at the top of the section and trail it with the iron closed while creating a “C” shape through the mid-strand straight through the ends.  This slightly bevels the hair and closes the cuticle creating nice movement with polished ends.


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