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While trends take on their natural ebb and flow from season to season, there are some classic movements for men that have stuck around for the indefinite future – texture being one of them. As more and more men accept their natural texture they are often looking for ways to enhance.

Up until now most men would rather than get a buzz cut to control their curl, but by visiting a barber and learning how to use grooming products, you can now learn how to show off what you we’re born with!

Best Cuts for Curls:

If you don’t mind your hair getting a little crazy, let it grow! Opt for a long and shaggy cut and let your texture run free. If you want a more demure look, but still want to show off some curl, simply keep the sides tight and let the top section take on length. Ask your barber to take out some of the weight and keep it shapely using texturizing techniques.

If you’ve got some wave, you’ll need a more structured cut. Depending on the thickness, you’ll want your barber to keep your ends tidy to enhance volume. If you’re going to grow it out into a surfer style, ask him to create a heavy weight line – as your hair grows this will cut down on breakage. If your hair is on the shorter side, you’ll want to keep it modern with long layers (think Hugh Grant in the 90s).

Top Product Picks:

Curls and waves don’t need to be tricky textures to style. The key to a successful style is to commit. Know what style you’ll be wearing before you get out of the shower to avoid frizz and limp locks.

If you’re rocking your curl or wave in all its glory be sure to use conditioner in the shower and comb through your locks with your fingers or a wide toothed comb before getting out. Once out, apply either Reuzel Hair Tonic for a tame look, or Reuzel Grooming Tonic for added volume and texture.

Starting a new routine this season should be invigorating, just like all of our picks from Reuzel! Looking for something specific to switch up your style? Check out all the goodies Reuzel has to pick from in the Bangstyle store!