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I quit getting gels years ago. I absolutely loved the look of a gel manicure, but it was causing such damage to my nails they always felt brittle and tender anytime I took a break. After breaking the cycle (and the onset of Covid) I just never went back. But now, as new innovations are being released — Bio Sculpture Nails could be the answer to bring me out of retirement. Curious about what Bio Sculpture gel nails are and if they’re right for you? Keep reading.

What Are Bio Sculpture Gel Nails?

They are basically the OG gel nail. Launched originally in 1988, this vegan nail enhancement option comes in a variety of colors and finishes but above all else, aims to preserve the health and strength of your nails.

What Makes them Different Than Other Gels?

What makes them stand out among others are the ability to custom formulate each manicure based on client needs with a variety of base coats. The benefit is that you’re less likely to damage your natural nail while still getting that glossy, coveted look everyone is after. And because Bio Sculpture Gel requires training to use it, it means if your technician offers it, they know how to tailor it to your nail needs.

How Long Does it Last?

While the length of your manicure is mostly determined by lifestyle, daily wear and tear, and your normal nail growth rate, many report Bio Sculpture Gel lasting much longer than other brands and formulations.

How Are They Removed?

Just like traditional gels, after buffing the top layer, acetone on a cotton pad is applied to the nail for 10 minutes and wrapped in foil for 10 minutes. After this, if done properly, the gel should just crumble off easily (no scraping required).

While Bio Sculpture Gels are strictly a salon service, you can fake the look of a gel mani at home with the help of a good top coat. Our faux gel top coat of choice? OPI Gel Plump Effect. It instantly creates volume and a high gloss finish to create a gel-like look at home.

OPI Gel Plump Effect


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