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The shullet is a modern cut that blends the much-loved shag with the mullet. It combines the texture the shag is known for with a more dramatic shape for an edgy look. Speaking on the trend, Sami Skinner, Sam Villa Ambassador @samiskinnerhair says “I have a lot of clients who have been wearing shags for a bit now and are ready to jump into something new, yet don’t want to cut over their ears for a mullet shape. So, this razor cut shullet bridges that gap for them.” Keep reading to learn more about the trend and how to get the look!

What Is A Shullet: 

The shullet combines the silhouette of a shag with the textured interior layering of a mullet, framed with a crescent fringe.  

The Shullet Tutorial:


The Details:

  • Use a swivel-designed razor with a rubber handle such as the Sam Villa Signature Series Razor on wet hair for a clean cut. 
  • Break down the cut into three sections – front/bangs, top and perimeter.
  • Use a comb to find the natural fall of the hair to determine sectioning.
  • Deep zigzag sections on the side and back help create texture and balance.
  • Overdiretion will create long to short layers and a crescent shape around the face frame.
  • Work back and forth from side to side to ensure balance and symmetry. 
  • Carve out side petals to help bangs kick out.
  • To Style: Apply Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Leave-In and use the palm of your hands to push hair in place to encourage a wave pattern. Then,  diffuse with a Sam Villa Professional Light Ionic Blow Dryer to encourage waves.


Shop The Look:

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